Waiting for . . .

our new 13" Macbook.

I've had my G4 17" laptop since 2002. Never had any problems, but now it's clearly old. Meredith gave me the blessing to go ahead and buy a new CPU with part of our tax refund.

It'll be here between the 13th and the 19th.



I'm not going to g-cycle the older laptop. Rather, I'm going to leave it at my parents' house so I don't have to use their PC's.


Finally got the baby to nap. This morning was exciting. He didn't like the yogurt I was feeding him. He kept spitting it out. Then he grabbed it from his mouth and put it in his hair and his clothes.



Last day of the quarter--tomorrow.

Current Spin:

Antony and the Johnsons. Cover of Leonard Cohen's "The Guests".

At first, I thought Antony was a woman with a deep voice. I've been trying to decide if I actually liked his stuff . . . then I heard him cover some Cohen songs. My my.

Oliver de la Paz