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Voila, my new 13.3" Macbook. It's actually more powerful than my desktop which is a G5 Dual Processor. The keyboard glows. Hum

Should be useful when I hit the road in the next few weeks--Mankato, MN, and then Spokane, WA.

I applied for a GAP grant from WA state this year, but I can't wait to see if I was a winner. Luckily Meredith and I got kickbacks on our taxes.


I've got a stack of 47 Bluebook exams to grade. *cry* I did, however, manage to grade 10 poetry portfolios with 4 more to go. Oh Spring Break, you're so close . . .


I should've filled out my damn NCAA bracket this year, but it slipped my mind. Really, there are only a handful of teams who I think can win the whole thing. Whereas in past years, it seemed there were a few more. My Final Four picks: UNC, UConn, Louisville, and Pitt. Yeah, I know they're all #1 seeds. I just don't think the #2 seeds are that close. And I think all the upsets will happen between the lower seeded teams.


Current Spin:

Ryan Adams. "Come Pick Me Up." Feeling a little alt-honky-tonk today.

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