Aw crap--Taxes For Writers

Forgot to send my manuscript to this contest. Ah well. I suppose I've been a tad bit distracted these days.

Reminder, Oliver--send the manuscript out this week.


Big tax break coming our way which makes me glad that we have our accountant. I've been with the dude for the better part of five years and I always get a good return. He's smart and he knows what questions to ask me.

The baby, of course, helped with our returns tremendously.

Meredith and I do intend to spend some of the tax return on insulating the attic of the house (which, by the way, grants another tax credit).


Every year I blog about taxes because I do think many writers are generally bad about keeping records that will grant them tax returns.

Things that you can count if you file as a writer:

1. Internet--you do use it for internet submissions and now you can actually log and track things that you've submitted online just by printing e-mail correspondence.

2. Computers, Printers, Paper
3. Digital Camera--Depends on if you have a webpage or a blog. You can claim it as part of your publicity.
4. Web Site Host Fees
5. Books--Use your discretion. These generally have to be "writing-related," but YMMV.
6. Paper, Toner, Ink, Office Supplies--Again, use discretion
7. ENTRY FEES FOR BOOK CONTESTS--Yes, you can claim this.
8. Writers Conference fees
9. Membership Dues--e.g. your AWP Membership fee
10. Postage
11. Some Research Trips--You'll need direct and clear evidence that this trip is indeed going towards your next book project.
12. Promotional Expenses--Brochures, Flyers, Press Kits
13. Donations--These can be books given away for promotional purposes, swapped books, or books donated for fund raisers. You might even consider your membership to the Academy of American Poets as a Donation.
14. Dry Cleaning--I laughed when my friend Rigoberto told me he had been claiming his dry cleaning, but by gum, he was right. You can claim dry cleaning.
15. Finally, if you use an accountant like I do, you can write these "professional fees" off.


To get you in the mood:

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