Life, Friends, is not so boring

First, this:

I showed this video to my long poem graduate students (thanks Mary). I found it to be quite interesting after having reread The Dream Songs.

This round, the book seemed much darker . . . sadder, but I was also more overwhelmed by the weight of it than previous readings.

Listen for the cash register. Also, look for Al Alvarez's pipe.


Next, I'm blogging to you from Pendleton, OR. I'm completely filled with a weird nostalgia. The sage desert basin is as picturesque as ever.

Also, it was great to finally meet the great Shaindel Beers. I, of course, butchered her name. For that I apologize.

Anyway, pictures to follow.


Finally, I listened to the new Metric album on the drive down, so they're my current spin (Warning--shaky camera):

Additionally, I spun these guys:

The Knife.

AND, the new collaborative album by this rock goddess:

PJ and John Parish

Oliver de la Paz