Wandering aimlessly

I at last found a WiFi connection after the connection in my hotel room sputtered out yesterday.

I think there's a bandwidth counter for the hotel's ISP. One particular author has been on the internet 24-7. This author will not be named, but I will tell you that this person's laptop is on a shared network and it's visible on my computer.

There's a temptation to snoop, but I won't.


I teach a workshop on the Prose Poem in . . . oh, now 45 minutes.


Finally found a place w/bandwidth in the lobby. But they're setting up tables as I type this.


There's an unbelievable amount of footage of poets reading. Here's one thing I found:


Current Spin:

Fever Ray. "When I Grow Up."

Kind of creepy, I know.

Oliver de la Paz