The big push to Summer

Half way through the final academic quarter of the school year. It's been an interesting one, thus far, though I feel like it just started.

I've been quite busy these days. I finished up a grant application for Artist Trust. I've never been great at applying for these kinds of things. We'll see. Plus, I'm a little unsure of my work sample and how I submitted the thing. They wanted fifteen pages of work, but my poems lately have been long, so I formatted the sample so that the poems are all together instead of a poem per page. Hard to explain right now, since I'm multi-tasking. Let's just say I'm not so confident in the package that I put together.

I also have been scrambling to put together an AWP panel for Kundiman. I've got all the preliminary stuff done, now it's just fixing up the language of the proposal.

Finally, I'm judging a local poetry contest, so I've got to read several manuscripts. Whew!

Anyway, I'm trying to keep afloat. My office and particularly my desk are a mess.


Got my contributor's copy of From the Fishouse: An Anthology of Poems that Sing, Rhyme, Resound, Syncopate, Alliterate, and Just Plain Sound Great, edited by Camille Dungy, Matt O'Donnell, and Jeffery Thomson. It's a hell of a thing, and it's bundled with a CD. Very cool and supporting readings are coming to a bookstore near you.


Current Spin:

A.C. Newman. "The Palace at 4am"

Oliver de la Paz