Continuing with the Reading List

The List (of possible Summer reading) So Far

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Almanac of the Dead--currently reading.
After Dark
Stranger Things Happen
Home for Girls Raised by Wolves
Best American Short Stories of 2005
Coming Through Slaughter
Winners Have Yet To Be Announced
Unending Rooms
Anything else? Poetics, perhaps? Remember, 32 books. . .


I'm trying to refinance my house. It seems that banks want a whole bunch of information before such a thing happens. In our case, I need to come up with a "Road Agreement" between all the residents of my little wooded road. There are four other families that live on our dirt road and much of our communication has been informal, over beers and bbq. But seems like the hard times in the banking industry call for bigger hurdles. The insurance agency who was asked to "insure" the loan wants a road agreement filed with the county, so I have to gather all my neighbors, get them to sign a document in front of a notary, yadda, yadda.

What's funny is out where I live, our notary is in the liquor store behind the town's only gas station. How's that for charming?


I've got a talented bunch of writers who are graduating. Sad to see 'em go.


A lot of universities are culling their journal holdings. WWU is no exception . . . That's going to hurt a LOT of journals.


Thinking about my manuscript again. It'll be a week or so before I can act on some of my impulses, so I'm storing them here for future reference:

1) Cut all the Syllogism poems and place in Dumbstruck Luck
2) Distribute 8 sections of the long poem throughout ms.
3) Insert Self Portrait as the Burning Plains of Eastern Oregon
4) Cut Eschatology poems.


Current Spin:

Old school, I know. I'm feeling nostalgic. I miss my youth today.

Oliver de la Paz