Writing Group Day 4


Write a poem entitled:
Fragments Addressing ________________

You (obviously) can put anything in the blank, and use the title as a
call to form, or not.

Here's the other thing you have to do:
Use Google Image search and plug in whatever word (or words) you
inserted into the blank. Pick the 5th image that comes up and
incorporate it into your poem somehow. (For extra fun, feel free to
include a link to your image in your post.)



Yeah, they're fragments. I think I'm going to blow this up. Here's the picture:

Na Pali Coast.

Why I chose this topic is beyond me. I had a National Geographic on my desk and figured I'd "topic-dive" for this prompt.

The hour time limit was actually a welcomed thing. This was a hard one for me.


Currently editing a chapbook. . . my "Dear Empire" pieces are getting reworked into something.


Super XX Man.

Oliver de la Paz