Writers Group Stuff Day 6

Write a poem that somehow incorporates the idea of the DOCUMENTARY.
You could use a shaky, hand-held camera as your point of view, or you
might employ an element of documentary poetics in the piece (or
attempt some kind of hybrid thereof). Try to include the following, if

1. A quote, either real or invented.

2. A moment of unexpected humor or comic relief.

3. An object found in a place where that object is not typically

4. At least one proper noun.

You might also try using the word "documentary" in the title, and then
writing a poem that doesn't announce itself as connected to a
documentary of any sort, but somehow distills the idea.

Extra credit: after your poem, share the name of your favorite
documentary or documentary-ish film.


God, this was hard. Being funny is hard. Sort of lost the film idea of the POV.

Favorite documentary film--Trekkies.




If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I'm addicted to The Wire. After much praise about the show, Meredith and I decided to see what all the hype was about. Oh my goodness, we devoured Season 1.


Favorite characters--Freamon, Bubbles, and Omar.

Where the hell did they get these fantastic actors for this show?


Prefuse 73.

Oliver de la Paz