Palpable Heat

It's so close . . . summer. I can feel it. We had a minor heat wave in the Northwest, topping out at roughly 88 degrees at the homestead. Which means my teaching season is almost at a close.

As I've mentioned in previous blog entries, I'll be spending the summer reading and writing. It is in fact my honest and earnest goal to read 32 books this summer while maintaining a writing schedule.

I've been getting a ton of book recommendations on Facebook. I'll consolidate those recommendations and put them here on the blog.

The intent is not necessarily to "review" the books, but to 1) see if I can keep my attention focused on all things literary, 2) lessen the impact of losing cable TV, and 3) modeling good behavior for my son who, in fact, seems to read a lot more than me these days. Of course, I also want to fill up my head with good art, so there's the REAL goal of this exercise.

Now, I do intend to blog about my progress, not that you care.


Currently, shoulder to shoulder with L. in bed. He didn't get his full nap today, so we're taking a make-up nap.


I have to pee, but I don't want to get up, lest I wake him.


We managed to refinance our mortgage this past Friday. Yay! When we first bought our house, our APR was 6.5%. We locked in 4.5% for our refinancing which cuts out about $400 from the monthly mortgage payment. That'll give us a little more breathing room.


Meredith got into the Speech Pathology program at WWU. She'll be great. I know her first love is teaching French. She's a brilliant teacher and I for one know that she's done her part to build the French major. The French department is making a big mistake by replacing a brilliant and talented teacher like her.


So now, because of all of these life changes, we've been budgeting ourselves. It's good to do.


Here's my current spin:

Zee Avi. Because it's Summer! Yay!

Oliver de la Paz