I'm taking my time this week to get back into poetry writing after having spent last Tuesday through Sunday in the presence of amazing poets, activists, and teachers during the Kundiman retreat.

It does take a lot out of me traveling cross country . . . more so than it had in the past. And for this 6th annual retreat, I stayed up till 3AM for almost every night.

As you can see by the pictures below, much fun was had, as well as much writing. My enthusiasm for writing is recharged, but physically I need to recover.


I've got a stack of books here staring at me, wondering if I'm going to fulfill my 32 book obligation for the summer. I'm wondering that myself.


Ha . . . iTunes is currently playing

Talk about flashbacks. I remember I drove all the way to Salt Lake City Utah to see DM way back during the Violator tour. They were going to play in an outdoor stadium but a major storm caused all kinds of problems, so they had to postpone the concert and move it into the big indoor auditorium. But the funniest part about going to see DM was all the goth boys and girls with dripping black makeup and mud as they slid down the grassy/muddy banks trying to leave the outdoor stadium. Ha.

So my friends and I wound up staying one extra day to see DM. We drove home immediately after the concert (home was 6 hours away). We cranked the AC to keep us awake. I'll never do that again.


The real current spin:

Lightning Dust.

Oliver de la Paz