Post-Baptism Smiles

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This past weekend my aunt and uncle came up from Long Beach, CA, to be the godparents of L.

It was really unbearably hot in the church. On top of that, L. didn't want to stay still, thus generating more heat.

The service was a very long hour and fifteen minutes in the heat with a squirmy baby.

Life was hectic for the past 48 hours, but now we're all smiles.


It's been a muggy 80ish degrees around here. Very uncomfortable working conditions.


The reason why I'm concerned about the working conditions is that I feel like I'm on the verge of a productive burst. I'm getting ready . . .

I'm not sure how, exactly, I'll be productive, but I feel like I've been playing the waiting game and now I'm getting restless. It's a weird way to work, I know, but that's just my deal. I've tried to retrain my brain, but I wind up resenting the writing desk. So I've fallen into this rhythm which, so far, has kept me writing.


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