A Kiss Before I Go

I'm getting ready to head to Charlottesville, VA, for another Kundiman Asian American Poetry Retreat.

This year's faculty includes Myung Mi Kim, Rick Barot, and Staceyann Chin.

Should be quite fantastic and quite hot.

I'm also bringing a small karaoke machine. . .

I'll try to blog on site with pictures, of course.


Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't plug an upcoming reading of mine as well as a bunch of readings for the PAWA Arkipelago Reading Series. Check the info here:



Have to say that I love the layout of Cue. Makes me want to update my own website.


So, how's the summer reading going? Slowly. I did just finish Joel Brouwer's Exactly What Happened.

Still trying to finish Almanac of the Dead. My mistake was to take this "project" on starting with a very dense and epic novel. So, I might put it down for now and keep on going through my stacks of poetry books and thinner novels.

Ultimately, what I'm finding is I'm distracted by parenting, The Wire, and deadlines.

Enough excuse making. On to the next book--I'm looking at Laura Walker's rimertown.

I'm intrigued by her atlas poems, and the delving into the memory of her small rural town.


Current Spins (Songs that remind me of Summer):

Icicle Works, and

The Dream Academy, and

The Kinks.

Oliver de la Paz