So, What Are You Up To, Blog?

Spent the morning working on some revisions as well as an essay and some feedback on the manuscript of a friend (who no longer needs the feedback ;-)). Anyway, it was morning of much reading, writing, and thinking.

I'm realizing why I have this blog after having spent the morning looking at a sampling of my poetry. This blog is my break from my poetry. I come here to be distracted because when you write so long about conflict, you want to come to a place of rest. That's more or less why I have musical links towards the bottom right of my right-hand margin.

I'm finding, also, that my prevailing impulse is towards story and a story happens when opposing forces collide. This blog has no story. The main oppositional force to my blog is my not writing in my blog.

The initial impetus that triggered my keeping a blog in the first place is to keep in touch with friends. Thus, the blog is here to ensure me that I am not my poems, though I am also my poems.

The blog, so far, has not interfered with the construction of poems, but rather, has given me the necessary rest I need so I can work on my poems.

The blog is episodic. There is no narrative to the blog.

The blog has a narrative which is the narrative towards disjuncture--to celebrate in that disjuncture.

There are photos of dogs in my blog. There are complaints.

The blog is to show me that I am still me, despite what occurs in lineation.


I'm here at the residency house for one more day, and then I head back home to help Meredith host company from France. I do have access to the house until mid-September, and I intend to utilize the house, which is very quiet and very very lovely. I promise, pictures soon. For now, though, I have to keep my head down at my writing desk.

I'll post my poem-a-day poem tonight.

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