In-Laws and the Waning Summer

My in-laws are in town, visiting from Georgia. We only get to see Meredith's folks once a year, so we've been quite busy and quite schedule-heavy the past few days.

All of us went to the Northwest Washington Fair which was quite fun, although much of our experience was going through all the animal stables and seeing the various critters. (If you follow me on Facebook, you know I am now obsessed with Pygmy Goats. I want 'em. I want 'em to clear my six acres of brush.

Anyway, L thoroughly enjoyed himself at the fair and that's really all that matters.


I've been working on two newish manuscripts. I just need time to spread pages across a big table and see what I've got. I'm pretty sure one's almost done and another is about half way there, but I don't have the space to spread out the pages and walk around to see how the connections are made. When the baby's around, anything on the ground is liable to end up trampled, slobbered-on, or eaten.


Mere's dad heads back out tomorrow, but her mom's staying for a longer spell. We'll all head down for lunch at the Camano Island Residency house and then they'll leave me there for two nights while I work on poems. I'm feeling moderately guilty about leaving them, but I also feel guilty for not utilizing this gift of a house. Such is the life of a papa poet, I suppose.


Current spin:

The Do. "On My Shoulders."

Oliver de la Paz