Okay, whew. I only have four more days of this poem-a-day thingy. I can do this.


Watched Inglourious Basterds today with my dad. I'm glad Meredith didn't go because I don't think she'd be into the revenge fantasy part of it, or the heavy violence. As ever, this Tarantino film is about film much more than it is about killing Nazis--though this happens and with great frequency. Mind you, I enjoyed myself immensely because I knew it was going to be a "cartoon," but it's not for everyone.

I'm going to try to watch District 9 sometime. Dunno when. Don't tell me anything.


You know how I said there was going to be a big announcement here on Friday? I lied. It'll be on Monday.


Current Spin:

Camera Obscura. I can't believe I heard this in an IGA Grocery Store.

Oliver de la Paz