Boy, I almost didn't make it to the writing desk today.

Baby woke up at 6:30 AM and I took care of him until 2:30PM while Meredith worked. After she got back, I mowed the lawn which took 2 hours (we've got a big lawn). Then I cooked, fed the baby, gave the baby a bath.

As I mentioned in my status update for Twitter/Facebook, while Meredith was reading him bedtime stories, I was the one falling asleep.

So, yeah, I had to push myself to stick with the program today. The poem, however, wrote itself after I figured out the first few lines.


I've got a big stack of poetry books on my desk. Ready, set, go.


I think we're haunted. In the living room, one of L's toys--a puzzle that emits specific car noises when you place the correct pieces into the slots--keeps going off.

I watch too much cable. Clearly.


Telekinesis. I! I! I! went to Tokyo! Drumming! Singing! Wee!

Oliver de la Paz