And Then September Came

September marks the end of my month-long writing exercise for August. As I mentioned in the post, it was fruitful, but in different ways.

I don't think I broke any major ground on a project I felt compelled to pursue, though I did feel I continued some projects that I had already started.


Thanks to all of you who sent me little notes via e-mail, the blog, or Facebook. It really does mean a lot and I'm quite excited about this book prize.

It was an unusual occurrence, given this was actually the first time I had actually sent the manuscript out. I can't tell you how many times FURIOUS LULLABY got submitted, considered, and ultimately rejected. I was fully prepared to send the manuscript out for consideration like I did for my previous publications.

Anyway, I feel lucky. Blessed. All of the above. I'll say no more about this except thank you, once again.


I'm getting ready to make another paella--not the spinach one, a four pepper vegetarian paella. Perhaps I'll take more photos.


Current Spin:

Mark Kozelek. "If You Want Blood, You Got It." Heh, The Red House Painters do AC/DC. ;-)

Oliver de la Paz