Kids These Days

I've been busily performing my duties as a father and it's led to some neglect as far as my other obligations are concerned. I've had no time to write and I've had no time to maintain this blog. As it turns out, two-and-a-half year olds are quite demanding.

L has started daycare and has not gotten into the new routine very gently. I think, in many ways, he's regressed a little since his little bro was born, and it's baring itself out in daycare. Also, the kids are constantly sick now that one of them is attending daycare. It's been quite hectic.

Usually I'm on top of things like submitting work to journals, etc. I always take care of that bit of work in September, but I'm a month behind and I haven't had time to do the secretarial work necessary to log the poetry packets.

Also, the travel to New York twice in the past few weeks had me a little unsettled. I won't be going anywhere for awhile, which is great. Even if the kids aren't travelling with me, my absence is extremely upsetting to their routine, not to mention difficult for Meredith.

We'll work it out, I'm sure. But I'm having to practice daycare ways of doing things at our house, which is difficult to do.


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