Two Items on the Interwebs and a box of Cheez-Its

First, thanks to Ruth Ellen Kocher for inviting me to submit a piece for her blog, about a word.

The piece is entitled "Sunbursts" and it winds its way around the topic of sentimentality in writing.


There's also this rendition of "Wolf Boy" by Nic Sebastian for Whale Sound: Clicky!


I'm getting ready to write a whole bunch of letters of recommendation, but in the meantime, I am eating Cheez-Its. They're baked, so it's okay.


Had a wonderful time reading at the Frye Museum Art Museum. Susan Rich put together a wonderful showcase of local poets: Kelli Agodon, Allen Braden, myself, and Susan Rich all read ekphrastic and commissioned work. We were all tasked to respond to a piece from the Frye Museum. I chose Study for the Death of Mozart because I was intrigued by his face in the painting.

And this is our chorus line:

Our pieces/styles were all so different, and I appreciate the different tonal qualities of all our commissioned work.

I love ekphrastic work, and I've been writing a sequence of ekphrastic pieces for the better part of three years. An ekphrastic poem, as Allen said yesterday, fails when it tries to duplicate the image. I never attempt to try to duplicate an image in an ekphrastic poem . . . rather, I try to duplicate the image's epiphany.


Current Spin:

Really like these gals. I hate their band name, but I really like their music.

Oliver de la Paz