A Skype Conversation with Tyehimba Jess, Baby Colds, and Other Stuff

My students are so spoiled. They got to chat with Tyehimba Jess today via Skype conference call. T, if you're reading this, their faces were so bright.

Man, when I was a poetry student we had to read the poems! Out loud! Without having any idea what the poet actually looked like! And hell, they used pictures of themselves from when they were eighteen, so I thought all the poets I read were young and beautiful!

All kidding aside, though, Tyehimba was an awesome "guest."


It's official. I have caught my baby's cold. It's not a bad one, but it still sucks.


The other stuff--I'm going to buy tickets to see Midlake in Bellingham.

I'm in the process of judging and screening two contests.

I'm also logging and reading submissions for A Face to Meet the Faces.

So, busy busy busy.


I haven't been watching the Olympics at all. I'm just not that into the winter sports. Though I do like the hockey. That's always compelling.

Curling fascinates me too. Upstate in NY, it curling was a big deal.


And speaking of NY, looks like I'll be heading there in September with the family. Fun fun! it's been awhile, and it'll be good to see the city and the friendlies.


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