A Traveler's Tale.

As many of you know, I spent the day travelling. I remember when I was a graduate student at ASU, I was tasked with driving the poet Ai around from her apartment to a gig she had. She was complaining about all the travel she was doing, and how rough it was travelling for readings. At the time I remember thinking, "Yeah, whatever. How hard could it be ? Travel? Ha." Well, now I know. And I don't mean to complain, I'm just giving you the facts.

I woke up at 5AM this morning, worried that I'd hit a significant amount of traffic as I entered the Seattle area.

My flight out of Seattle was delayed for an hour on the tarmac because of a flight from Narita Japan's late arrival.

Then, when I arrived in Denver, my connecting flight's overhead space was completely full, so I had to check my bags.

When I arrived in Kansas City, I had to go back and forth between my gate and the check-in center because of a miscommunication between TSA (who wanted my boarding pass stamped) and the airline who had clearly checked me into the flight already.

Once I boarded the puddle jumper to my final destination, it turns out that there were actually two destinations on the flight plan, thus delaying me another hour.

So all this is to say to Ai, I get it. It's tough. And what's more if you travel from gig to gig, this is your life.


The University of Akron people keep taunting me with images of my book:

Amy Freels, the book's designer with a copy. The book'll be at my house by Monday.



Ah, TV. Hotel. WiFi.


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