So, now that I got you here . . .

Welcome to my new website with blogging capabilities!


The weekend was disorienting. Superbowl Sunday was a bit like a holiday, in that I did little school prep, and I'm normally quite on-the-ball with such things. But once in awhile, we have to allot a time for rest and play. This weekend was definitely reserved for play, considering it's the middle of a rough winter quarter.


Poor Meredith's pretty beat, what with the four classes she's taking, the one class she's teaching, and the 7th/8th month of pregnancy. I don't know how the hell she does it. She's amazing. Makes me feel ashamed about complaining to you, so I won't.


Speaking of the Superbowl, I thought the bulk of the commercials were blah. The game was compelling, though. I initially thought it was going to be a blow out, but the prowess of both quarterbacks shone through. Manning is getting criticized for throwing that 4th quarter interception that sealed the game for the Saints, but what I saw was a telegraphed route by Reggie Wayne and accurately read by Tracy Porter of the Saints.


I was pulling for the Saints, so I'm happy with the outcome. My dad, however, was not. In your face, dad.


And if you're curious, our spread consisted of homemade guacamole, homemade chili, and gigantic hotdogs. Oh dear lord.


So, to welcome you, here's We Were Promised Jetpacks with "This Is My House, This Is My Home."