Missed Concerts, New Designs, Poetry Goodness

So I wound up missing the Midlake concert. After the first venue closed due to unpaid tax issues, I chose not to head to town on a rainy evening to look for the new venue. I ate the $13, and I felt okay about it.

Instead, I caught up with all my grading, which is far more important at this time of the year. Now, had the concert been on a Friday night instead of a Sunday night, I definitely would have gone.

Ah well . . . that's adulthood for you. Hard choices have to be made.

While I graded I also did not listen to Midlake. I didn't want to torture myself . . . so I listened to NPR instead.


Check out Kundiman's new website: http://www.kundiman.org/.

It's who we are and what we do. I love the community stuff on there, too. Come on in and join the discussion.


I had this crazy idea while driving to work today--since I'm a big college hoops fan, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to get a whole bunch of like-minded poets to participate in an NCAA Bracket, where the stakes were copies of each entrant's books? If you already had some of their books, you could always donate them to a literary organization or some kind of foundation, but wouldn't it be fun?


I'm already out of copies of Requiem for the Orchard. I gave a copy to Aimee and Jon, I gave one to my parents, I traded one copy for another book, and then I sold the rest. I ordered 30 more copies, and hopefully they come soon. Lots of my family members want free copies. Egad. I don't even get free copies, people.


Current Spin:


RIP Mark Linkous--I'm tired of poets and musicians taking their own lives. The world needs more music and more art.