April Book Tour, 2-Year-Old, New Quarter

Yes, it's the Spring 2010 quarter, and I already feel overwhelmed. I'm again teaching ENG 460 which I teach as a prose poem/short short/lyric essay class. And I'm teaching ENG 453 which I always teach as a prosody course.

From what I hear, I'm one of the few people who still teach prosody courses. I doubt that claim, but I know there aren't many who do teach a forms class. My reasoning behind teaching the course--I was never taught prosody as an undergrad, so when I happened upon a prosody course at the graduate level, I was quite nervous.

I'm not generally a person who writes in forms, but I like being able to say I can write in forms. I want my students to be able to say they too can write in forms. They don't always write the best poems in the forms class, but they do leave the course recognizing patterns in speech.


April starts my book tour. I guess you could call it a tour. I'll be heading to AWP and I'll be attending and participating in panels as well as a few offsite readings. My AWP schedule is here: Oliver's AWP Schedule.

My local book launch takes place at Village Books on April 12th at 7PM.

I'll also be teaching a workshop and reading for the Field's End Writers' Conference.

Finally, I've got four readings down in Los Angeles. I'll say more about that later, after I finalize one of the readings.


My son turns two today. April 1st. He was due two weeks prior, but he decided to be a prankster. I'm an April fool for this kid.


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