Rock n' Roll and Sushi

I am eating in my office during office hours. Today's meal: sushi from Trader Joe's. Meh. It's okay. Better than the sushi our local food service provider carries.


I am rolling with "B" bands today.

Black Keys "Brothers" came out today. As did . . .

Band of Horses' new album.

And I had previously obtained

Broken Social Scene's new album.

So there's that. Rock n' Roll in the key of B.


Teaching a graduate class on the "Contemporary Avant Garde," whatever that means. Do YOU know what that means?


I'm teaching a class for the summer. So far, only 5 students have enrolled. You should enroll. We'll be writing in forms and we'll be talking about poetic forms, and we'll be learning scansion. It'll be a hoot.


There are sesame seeds between my teeth.


Oliver de la Paz