I did not watch the 'Lost' finale. I am a bad person.

In fact, I didn't watch the show at all. I was initially curious--it came out when I was still in New York and I watched the first episode. I then decided there was no way I'd get sucked into the show.

Still, my pop-culture curiosity urged me to record the finale, so I did. It'll probably sit on the DVR hard drive for awhile.

Ever since Battlestar Galactica, I've been looking for a serialized show to adopt. So I adopted The Wire and True Blood. Both have very different flavors, of course. It's been suggested that I adopt Mad Men, but I think I need something with a quickish pace. So basically, there ain't room in my life for a show with a plot that meanders a bit. Sorry, Lost.


I missed the Skagit River Poetry Festival this year and I'm bummed. I was on two-year-old duty all weekend and I'm still teaching (curse you quarter system!)

From the sounds of my friends who attended, I would've had a great time. Maybe the next time, eh?


I had a tech-geek moment this weekend. I pawed at the iPad but then decided to get an iPod touch to replace my bulky iPod Classic.

I also bought a video camera.

What the hell am I doing?


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