What's on YOUR bedside table?

Just curious. This is my bedside table. I've got stacks of books, but you'll notice no poetry books. There's a simple reason for this . . . I can't read poetry before bedtime. It requires far too much concentration. All my poetry books are split between my office at work and my home office.

I've got a lot of fiction on the table because I tend to read fiction during the summer (the only time I really have any sustained amount of time for reading).

Also note the sippy cup. I'm still co-sleeping with the two-year-old. Parents with new babies, don't do this.

The ear plugs are a need. I started the habit in college and now I can't sleep without 'em. (If you must know, I had a roommate who snored heavily . . . now I wake up at the slightest sound.)

The "line" journal is something I always carry when I read something. I jot down lines, words, sentences, sometimes paragraphs that strike me. This particular line journal has multi-colored pages and a few drawings and mementos from a trip to Spain and Morrocco a few years ago.

**ADDENDUM: Under the sippy cup is the children's book, Ollie, by Olivier Dunbar. And the book mark under Benjamin Percy's book is from Changing Hands Bookstore in Arizona (where a large portion of my library was created).

Please also note the wall. Before, that wall was a wood panelled one. I did the drywall job and I'm quite proud of the work.

So . . . what's on your bedside table?

Oliver de la Paz