My Wandering Brain

I've been really lousy with the details of the everyday, so I have to account for why I'm so scattered. First, though we've successfully transitioned the two-year-old into his own bed, he still wakes up in the middle of the night, more often than not. Additionally, he's stopped napping. So I'm wired for certain things--noises in the night time . . . making sure a kid who needs a nap doesn't do anything dangerous. Consequently, what's suffered is how I communicate with other people. I can only operate in brief terse sentences. And in a funny way, my way of speaking has been transposed to my writing.

The syntax of my poems has gotten clipped as I've progressed through this exercise, and I blame fatherhood. There are expedient ways of communicating with ones' children, and I am guilty of exercising expediency.


Meredith and I just got back from a lovely trip to Portland, OR, to visit her aunt and my own aunts and uncles. Gosh, I love Portland. It's such a gorgeous city. The bridges over the Willamette catch the light off the sunsets just so. They all look like steel rainbows . . .

I didn't get a chance to go to Powell's. It just wasn't in the cards, what with two kids who weren't sleeping well. We really only had a chance to go to OMSI, which was an all day affair.


We're heading out to New York in two weeks and I'm nervous as heck. I'm not crazy about travelling with the two kids, and I'm worried about money because . . . I have none. At WWU, we're on a nine-month pay schedule, so I'm basically not paid from the end of June to the beginning of October. I happened to teach summer school this year to supplement our incomes, but it's not enough, especially since M. wasn't working in the Spring. So, there are all sorts of troubles that are adding to my wandering brain. It'll all work out, though. I know it will. I'm just anticipating the headache of hotels with two kids in New York city. Yuck.


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