First Day

All my classes got out a little early today after initial conversations:

My Asian American literature class got a quick and dirty primer about Asian American history. I also read my syllabus to them and realized that I had a ton of typos and old assignment designations. I need to fix that.

My avant garde literature course got out early after the syllabus rap and a quick and dirty discussion about what makes an avant garde movement. We then talked briefly about Dada and Surrealism (a more thorough discussion's supposed to take place next week).


All told, it was a good first day. The kid went to daycare without any mishap and all the classes went swimmingly.


I mentioned in a tweet that I have a lot of deadlines. It's true. They all seem to be coming due this week, too!


How are you doing?


Current Spin:

Creepy, I know. But he has a new album coming out in the Fall.

Oliver de la Paz