Non-Stop Rain Means It's Time to Write and Other Stuff

Winter in the Pacific Northwest means constant rain. We've been having flood warnings in the region. The river near my house is called the Nooksack, and is cresting this afternoon. Sometimes the bridge out to my house closes so that work crews can fish out trees that have fallen into the high waters. I wonder if that's the case right now. I'm at work, biding time during my office hours, so I don't know what's going on.

About two years ago, mudslides closed the highway down, so we had to take the long way through Lynden to get to work, and Lynden was plenty flooded as well.


Still, weather like this makes me want to stay indoors and write. It's perfect book-reading weather. And even though I haven't read nearly as much as I want, my thoughts are turned to the page and to the language. AWP might be just what I need to push me forward.


Oh, by the way. I spent some time remodeling my bathroom. Meredith wanted more light in our guest bathroom (it's was the only room in the house that doesn't receive any natural light from the outside). So my sister-in-law and I framed up the thing. I don't have any finished project photos. Those'll come soon.


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