Make-Up Poems, Airlines, and WiFi

So as you can see below, I made up the missed days as promised. I banged these out on my iPad. Kinda fun to write poems on this thing, though I don't want to make it much of a habit. The screen's tiny.


I bought a bluetooth keyboard for the device so that it can become a primary laptop of sorts. I'm finding that I'm getting tired of lugging around my MacBook. And more and more, the iPad is becoming my preferred device to access the internet.

So thanks Steve Jobs, for making me yearn for something I had initially scoffed at. 


Got to the airport at 6AM this morning, only to discover that my JetBlue flight to LaGuardia had been cancelled. Great. Awesome. 

So they rebooked me on an American Airlines flight leaving three hours later. That means I get home three hours later.

Sorry, Meredith. I know I suck for leaving you at home with the 3-yr-old and a 1-yr old with an ear infection.


As a reward, I purchased WiFi on my flight, so here I am.

Oliver de la Paz