Mini Hiatus

So you may have noticed (those of you who are reading) that I didn't post a prose poem here for the past three days. It's true.

Here's where the intersection between personal life and writing life intersect. My 3-yr-old was suffering from fevers and mouth sores, so I had to be a full-time dad. On top of all that, I'm a little burned out on my writing project.

I had small goals for my sabbatical--to finish at least one book project. I think I've managed to complete one, start another, and come close to finishing a second. So my goals have been met. And it's a good thing, too, because for reasons that I will disclose soon, it's quite likely that I won't be writing much for the last part of my sabbatical.

Now, this isn't goodbye to the daily writing project, it's just a short break to recharge. I have been writing almost every day since July 1st. That's four months of daily writing, and like I said above, it's been quite fruitful, bringing me close to the completion of another manuscript.

Who knows? Maybe this weekend I'll find a way to make up the three missed days.

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