New Addictions, The Game of Thrones, Keeping a Virtual Journal

I've burned through four of the back episodes of The Game of Thrones, and I find it to be so compelling. Yes it's supposed to be of the fantasy genre, but really, the only fantasy elements that I've seen are from the first episode and mentions of White Walkers and Dragons. Still, I love the characters. I love what I'm seeing. I want to watch the next episode right now!




To keep me honest, I've got to keep posting drafts of things on this blog. I know that if I'm not accountable to something, I just won't see a project through. So I'll try to keep writing on weekdays and posting my drafts here. I know I talked about this earlier, but I have to remind myself to keep up with the practice. I don't have a writing group going this summer, so I have to be self-motivated.


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High-fiving music.

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