Kundi-Love, Manny Toons, Binky Bye Bye

I met several Kundiman alumni/fellows for lunch in Seattle today: tthe glorious Tamiko Beyer, Eddie Kim, Rona Jia, and Jane Wong. We went to Seattle's International District for Vietnamese food at Green Leaf. Yay!


Cute little place. Easy to miss. We ordered the crepes (excellent) and I ordered the vermicelli with bbq pork and eggrolls. Oh my.

Rona had an awesome Manny Pacquiao shirt. It had a cute little anime Manny on it, and the closest thing I've seen is this:


But I know it's not the same one. I'll keep hunting.


We've been going through hell these past few days. We're weening our 3-yr-old off his pacifiers (binkys). It's been hell. He hasn't been sleeping well, and it's translating into his acting out at school. We're grateful that his new daycare care givers are extremely patient and sympathetic. They're also pulling for us. Wish us luck.


I took this picture in Vancouver, BC. We actually carried this many pacifiers with us for some reason.


Current Spin:


God, I'm digging this band.