Working Days

I've been keeping my head down today. In fact, I was so into my process that I had forgotten I had already used a title and almost erased a poem. This latest sequence deals with poems entitled Labyrinth 1, Labyrinth 2, etc. I'm at 12. Although I almost erased #11.

Anyway, I'm not sure the numbers will stick when I start thinking about this sequence in a chapbook or in a manuscript. They may just be part of a big narrative sequence without titles to demarcate a separation.

Sawako Nakayasu does this in her book Texture Notes, to a degree, though she does create a narrative by offsetting the prose text with dates facing the opposite page. So the book works like an installation piece, rather than a story. (LOVE HER WORK, by the way).


Current Spin:

Song's been in my head all day since heading into town this morning. I posted it on Facebook. Reminds me of Nancy Sinatra.

Oliver de la Paz