More Stuff About Mss. Process

Still plugging away at this fourth manuscript. Setting an order to it has me thinking about it a lot more these days. I found duplicate poems in the process, as well as large stylistic shifts.

So what I think I need to do is retype the thing from start to finish in this order. I'm not happy about the prospect of retyping 90+ pages of a poetry manuscript, but i think doing so is a necessity because of these stylistic and narrative gaps. I'll probably start doing this in September, after my very busy August clears up.

I can see the home stretch, though. Lately I've been tired of writing the "Dear Empire" poems, which is good because previously my problem was I couldn't stop. Now I feel like I'm writing to address holes, which feels more like sanding the rough edges of a table than creating the legs of a table.


Currently watching Breaking Bad with Meredith. It's our latest TV series fixation. It is absolutely incredible television. The transformation of Bryan Cranston from bumbling dad in Malcom in the Middle to a frightening and lapsed heroic figure is astounding. We just finished the second season and I don't want to give away too much, but the last episode was brilliantly concocted and sustained over the course of the whole season. You see Walter White's decisions effecting so many lives and you see the various metaphors of control and loss of control throughout the season. Just f'ing brilliant writing. I'm grateful that the show was renewed for a fifth and final season.


We finally laid down landscaper fabric for our garden beds. Next step is to purchase some ground-contact lumber for the border, build some planter boxes, purchase some soil, sand, and gravel, and away we go. Oh my poor aching wallet!


Current Spin:

Spinning this album quite a bit.

Oliver de la Paz