I'll Take that Break After All and Other Goals

I had every intention of writing a poem today, but my son's day care is having its "In-Service" which means I've been expending energy on the daddy front. That's left me little patience for poems this evening. And anyway, I found myself getting a little short with my work the past few days of the writing marathon. So it probably would behoove me to take a short break. I'll try to reconvene with the weekday writing habit starting back on the 6th.


Goals for September:

Manuscript Project 1:

Re-type the "Dear Empire" manuscript poem by poem. Reason: Shore up anachronisms, tonal shifts, and style-changes. Reconcile reoccuring characters and determine if there is an arc.

Manuscript Project 2:

Generate more "Nocturne" poems and "Scene" poems for balance. Attempt an organization and determine whether the "Nocturne" and "Scene" poems are sufficient to balance each other out or if something further needs to occur.

Manuscript Project 3:

Generate more "Labyrinth" poems? Decide the relationship between those poems and the "Camera" poems. Is this a full-length manuscript, or is this a chapbook.


Send work out! I've never submitted to Poetry Magazine or APR, so I think I'm going to break the ice this year and send some work that way. What the heck, right? I'm not sure the prose poems are right for them, but I'll find something.


Hi January.


Finishing up the surfacing of our garden beds. We just ordered two square yards of "Hogfuel." We'll probably need five more square yards to fill our entire garden plot. It's starting to look great!


I'm working on a Guggenheim Fellowship application. Last Fall was the first time I was eligible, but I didn't know it until the moment had passed. I know it's a crap shoot, but this is the artist's life, no? So, if you're eligible for a Guggenheim, the application is due September 15th. It's all online and fairly straightforward. You need to apply.

I'll be happy if you win. Really. I will be.


Current Spin:


Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear opens and then Boom. . .