Weekend Break

Taking my ususal weekend break, so no poems will be posted on Saturday and Sunday. I'll return to my usual writing schedule on Monday.


So if I add up the poems, I've got 33 labyrinth poems and 15 camera poems, and I see the two sequences as linked. I've just got to frame how their linked. The labyrinth poems have a definitive POV. The camera poems do not. My thinking is the camera poems will be a section all to themselves, but where?


Other things--met Lee Herrick in Seattle today. Wonderful poet. We talked about family and living as poets versus the business and writing of poetry, which I'm less interested in. I'm more fascinated by hearing how poets live their lives than how they construct their art these days.


Also paid a visit to Open Books. I cannot walk into that store without walking away with at least 5 books, and today was no exception. I'm looking for "muddied" lyrics, so I picked up Elizabeth Willis's new book as well as Don Mee Choi's The Morning News is Exciting and Frances McCue's The Bled. If you saw my earlier posts, the later two books are a finalist and the winner of the Washington State Book Award, and they were the only two books from the cohort that I didn't already own. I plan on doing a lot of reading next week, since both boys are in daycare and Meredith will be starting school again.


Goals for next week:

1) Revise 50 pages of Post______________Subject.

2) Format the Nocturnes manuscript for Guggenheim Fellowship judging. (I'm thinking of renaming the book The Grotesques).

3) Write a review of Shane McCrae's Mule

4) Blurb a book.

5) Write a rec letter.

6) Vacuum the house

7) Fill the garden boxes with gravel for drainage and then topsoil


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