6 Months to Get My Act Together

If you're on Facebook or Twitter, you know I posted that my sabbatical officially starts today. Traditionally, on the Monday before the start of the Fall academic quarter, my English department schedules a retreat/meeting which lasts from 9AM to 2PM. This is the first time in six years that I have not attended the retreat and it feels very strange. So much of my mental clock relies on the academic calendar to function.

I've managed to occupy my time, though. I'm still writing the daily drafts of poems and I'm doing lots and lots of housework. I cleaned out my office. I'll probably do more cleaning and consolidating of files. I do miss being in the halls and having my office door open. Having the occasional student drop by and check up on me . . .

But I've committed myself to keeping my head down and eyes forward. I've managed to knock off two of the items on my To Do list. I've been reading Mule. I think once Meredith starts school it'll be easy for me to parcel out the time to commit to longer projects. As I write this, I know that she's coming back from the store (Hi Meredith) and we'll have to do some housework together to usher in the new academic year.


My dad is trying to convince my mom to get a Mac. :D


Back to work.

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Time to be a busy bee.