Labyrinth Poems now appearing in journals

My internet connection at home is terrible, and I've complained about it on this blog before. So I go into town and use my office computer for the school's wifi. This is detrimental to writing. I wind up trying to catch up on stupid things like Facebook, Twitter, and all the blogs in the blogosphere.

Here I am, though. Yet again. I managed to print off a sheaf of poems that I'll use for my Guggenheim application. But other than that, I haven't been doing much except posting on Facebook. Sure, I wrote one poem, but I could've done so much more.


Oh, and speaking of poems, if you've been following this blog you know I've been writing a sequence of "Labyrinth" poems. A handful of 'em are now out in public:

Here's one in Fiction Southeast:  "Labyrinth 10"

And here's four in Sweet: A Literary Confection: "Labyrinth 1-4"

I've got a few more finding there way to print soon.


Not much going on today. I'm sleepy. It's hot.


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