Postscript--August Daily Writing

I wrote every day for 31 days. I was unable to post for every day due to internet issues, but I always managed to write every day. All told, 31 poems were drafted. Of the 31 poems, 9 of the poems are from my Eadweard Muybridge series. 21 of the poems were for the "Labyrinth" sequence. 1 of the poems was a miscellaneous poem.


I've managed to reach number 90 for my "Labyrinth" series, and I'm happy about the number, but I feel like I need to push it to 100 before I start putting together what I've got into something. The numbers are placeholders, not necessarily the order I intend to apply to that of a potential manuscript.

The Muybridge pieces are coming along. I feel like I've got enough cohesive poems to start thinking about shaping a manuscript, what with some previous Muybridge poems from last year's scribblings as well as some transitional "Camera" poems that could assist with the movement between pieces.

All told, I'm happy with the work for this August. Unlike last year, I think I'll have to take a break in September. I've got a number of prose assignments that are beckoning. We'll see what all this shapes into during the Fall. If you've been reading along, thanks! There's nothing quite like having to be accountable to somebody when writing. Even though I was never really sure if anyone was reading, I felt an obligation to post something, even if it were a cruddy draft. So having you out in internet land really did push me to come to the computer daily.

I'll be deleting the drafts over the next few days. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments!

Oliver de la Paz