2015 Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge Rules:

1) Pick 15 books that you would like to finish this summer--any genre, any size. This list doesn't have to be at 15 right from the start. It will grow as the summer continues.

2) Of the 15 books, designate 3 that you recommend to co-participants. (After you've read them, of course).

3) Of the 15 books, 3 of the books must be from recommendations by other participants.

4) Post your 15 book list somewhere with a link so that co-participants can link you on their webpages, tumblr pages, or blogs.

5) Hold yourself accountable by posting commentary about a book you've just read. Commentary can also take the form of something creative or artistic.

6) The Challenge Ends August 31st. Have fun.



My list (so far):


1. All Aunt Hagar's Children--Edward P. Jones

2. All the Light We Cannot See--Anthony Doerr

3. Bluets--Maggie Nelson

4. If the Tabloids Are True What Are You?--Matthea Harvey

5. Ending in Planes--Ruth Kocher

6. On Looking--Lia Purpura

7. Yearling--Lo Kwa Mei-En

8. My Feelings--Nick Flynn

9. Voicing American Poetry: Sound and Performance from the 1920's to the Present--Lesley Wheeler

10. Lighting the Shadow--Rachel Eliza Griffiths

11. The Americans--David Roderick

12. Open Secrets--Alice Munro

13. Do Not Rise--Beth Bachmann

14. River of Shadows--Rebecca Solnit

15. Demons in the Spring--Joe Meno