Response 2

Like the previous entry, this is also a response to Beth Bachmann's Do Not Rise. Only the draft I present here is actually my second attempt at the same poem.

Here's the problem when you write and compose directly on the laptop--programs crash. Sometimes programs crash while you're writing. Sometimes they crash when you haven't saved your work. This was what happened to me this afternoon--I had typed a poem which was roughly sonnet-sized. I was trying to save it. The program crashed. The first draft of the poem is gone. There's a lesson in all of this: SAVE YOUR WORK WHILE YOU'RE WRITING. 

Anyway, here's the second response to Beth's work. I responded to lines from her poem "sustainable."

And, by the way, the titles are just placeholdrs--I'm trying to force a secondary sequence into a current manuscript and using titles as a means to pry entry into that manuscript. It may or may not work.