Oliver, who is the "You" in your poems?

1. If "You" = "Me" then you are a narcissist with major sexual issues. Oliver, you're compensating for something that has happened in your childhood that you don't want to directly address. Why is that? I mean, come on! You're an attractive guy.

2. If "You"="God" then you are yearning to return to the Roman Catholic church. You are tired of confessing to people that you are a "Mediterranean Catholic" and that you only go on Easter, Christmas, or when you're guilted into going with mom.

3. If "You"="A Lover" then you are one hot dude. See #1.

4. If "You" = "The Reader" then you are trying to get to #3 by writing poetry. That, my boy, doesn't always work. You'll be better off speed-dating at the Hotel Utica on Valentine's Day.

5. If "You" = "Death" you should go to church and start writing poems that relate to #2.

Oliver de la Paz