"You've put me in an uncomfortable position, sir."

It's Saturday and Jake, Meredith, and I have been tucked away in our office. It's the only room with a space heater which has been making all of us drowsy. I'm particularly drowsy because my knee's sore. Sprained it early in the week climbing up a mountain and then stupidly going to the gym to "stretch it out." So now it's swollen like Jake's eyes in the photo here. Also, tonight's the night of the Sculpture Space CHAIRity Auction. Got lots to do, so the knee probably won't be getting much rest. I'm going to be a salesperson this evening. . . "Yes, sir, those are limited edition sculptures. It's one of 30. Please buy them all." Anyway, it should be fun. Much drinking and revelry to be had, but for the time being, I might sprawl out on Jake's blanket and nap.

Oliver de la Paz