I'm sitting in my home office glancing over my shoulder as I type this. L is in the co-sleeper fitfully sleeping. He'll doze for about 15 minutes, wake up crying, and then fall asleep again with assistance. So it's a little tough to do things around here during my "morning shift."

I've got this poem idea in my head and I've already got a title, but I ain't got time to deal with it. So I had to write out the title and save it on my hard drive, lest it float away into the ether.

Hold. The child awakens.


Okay, now that he's back asleep. Hi again.


Mornings are cold these days. I woke up and I could see my breath in the bedroom, so I suppose I need to turn up the heater (don't worry, kiddo's actually very warm). The leaves are turning colors here and I've got to find some time to clean off my roof and the gutters.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I tend to overheat. It might be hormonal. Anyway, I love Fall because I can wear just the right amount of clothing. I'm not a fan of shorts for daily wear. I'm a pants and sweaters kind of guy.


My parents have been looking for a house near us for the better part of four months. There are plenty of houses around here, what with the crappy market, but they can't seem to agree on what they want. It's driving me a little nuts. They actually put in bids for two houses (not at the same time) and they retracted both times. I feel for the realtor. Really, I do.


For some reason, I've been humming this song:

Oliver de la Paz