Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

The weekend starts after I teach my classes today. Whew. It's been fairly busy, but I'm at that point in the quarter where I've got a bit of a rhythm with my classes and my schedule. That's always a good and comfortable thing. I know poor Mere is WAY busier than I am, so I feel guilty. If it's any consolation to her, I haven't been writing jack since I sent out my work. I've got a couple of essays I need to finish up. Maybe I can get to 'em this weekend.


I didn't like the Town Hall style debate. I thought it was fairly boring and a bit over-moderated as opposed to the prior debate which was under moderated. I kept hearing stump speeches and no actual . . . well, debate. Still, I do think Obama won the round. McCain looked rather old and seemed to have trouble walking as he entered the arena. And if I hear "My friends" one more time . . .

And WTH does "That One" mean?

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