Nothing Yet

For those of you who are wondering whether Mere's given birth, I say to you, "Not yet."


We're bustling around trying to get our winter quarter wrapped up. I've been inputting grades from this past quarter, and I've also been preparing the house and the yard a little bit. The house definitely needs some "Spring Cleaning" before the newest member of the house settles in.


Saturday, planted three rhododendrons, two azaleas, and eighteen Douglas Fir saplings. There's been much rain up here lately, which is a good thing.

Anyway, my mother-in-law is arriving on Thursday, and I think I might make her garden a little while we wait for the wee-one.


I've moved to the guest bedroom because Meredith is sleeping with Chet (her gigantic man-sized pillow). There's no room for me and all that fluffiness.

Oliver de la Paz