MLK Day and Inauguration Day Readings

Currently getting ready to pack for a trip to St. Louis, MO, and Carbondale, IL, where I'll be reading at two venues.

The first venue is River Styx at Duff's, where I'll be reading with local St. Louis poet, Virginia Slachman.

Duff's is on 392 North Euclid in St. Louis, MO. The reading will take place on January 19th and starts at 7:30PM. Hope to see some familiar faces!

I don't have any information on the SIU Carbondale Reading other than the fact that it'll take place on the 20th, inauguration day, but I'll be bringing my laptop.


Reformatted manuscript three this morning and found out some crucial things.

The first thing is that with all the section breaks included as well as some other formatting considerations, the manuscript is 65 pages in length. It's longer than I had originally thought.

The second thing is that I'm going to lose a lot of those pages because I don't think they are in the "style" of most of the work.

The third thing is I think my title may change to In Defense of Small Towns, rather than Grace Equations.

The syllogism poems aren't speaking to the Self-Portrait poems. They're too elevated in diction, and it may be too great a leap for me to find a transitional poem or a transitional series to bridge that gap.

More later.


Watched BSG this morning (recorded by my DVR). Oh. My. God. Good to see it back on the air. Who knew? Still confused about the Thrace issue and the final five "revelation" at the end. Hmmmm . . .


Current spins:

I've been singing this all morning.

Oliver de la Paz